Видео: Koch Pedaltone VHT Black Beauty Sound Test

Koch Pedaltone VHT Black Beauty Lead Tone

This is a short lead tone test using the Koch Pedaltone preamp and VHT Black Beauty power amp via Eventide Time Factor.

Koch Pedaltone VHT Black Beauty BluesTone

This is a blues tone test using my Koch Pedaltone preamp and my VHT Black Beauty power amp via Eventide Time Factor.

Koch Pedaltone VHT Black Beauty Eventide Mod Time Factor

Hi! This is a high speed test of my new rig: guitar: Tom Anderson Classic Vintage Voicing into tuner Korg DTR-1000 into preamp ...

Koch Pedaltone intro clean II

Koch Pedaltone clean channel, TC G-Sharp, Rane SM26 line mixer and Marshall 9005 power amp. Two ADA Split stacks with ...

Koch Pedaltone onboard emulated out VS Moer Radar IR loader (METAL)

Which is the best one? . Building a great tone for live shows, part 4: Mission 98% accomplished - selecting the right IR ...

Koch Pedaltone Ibanez Tubescreamer TS 808 Moer Radar Boss effects

Perfect pedalboard rig for live with line-out . Building a great tone for live shows, part 5: Mission 100% accomplished ...

KOCH PDT-4 Pedaltone (Amazing tone!

guitar→KOCH PDT-4→HUGHES&KETTNER GrandMeister 36(fx return in)→Suhr Badger 1X12 Cab(V30) ...

Koch Pedaltone: Creamy Gold- Omar's Gear Review

HEADS UP: THE GUITAR IS MUCH LOUDER THAN MY VOICE.....woops This is the Koch Pedaltone. It's an all tube pedal preamp ...

Test ampli Koch Supernova

Dalla rivista Chitarre di dicembre il test di Daniele Bazzani dell'amplificatore Koch Supernova.

Koch Pedaltone test~ part 2

Tung Sol (v1.v2.v3) ECC83 M (v4)

Super pedal board with a Koch pedaltone

Ive built this pedalboard for direct recording and also travelling purposes. To be able to switch it straight to the PA and still retain ...

Koch Pedaltone - test za oglas

Pedaltone je usnimljen direktno u Cubase. Nisu korišćeni nikakvi dodaci ni efekti. Sva podešenja su ista tokom celog snimka ...

[YungYoung] Koch Pedaltone Playthrough (Pedal "Head")

Koch Pedaltone + EHX 22 Caliber = 22 watt Koch Pedal "Head" Featuring: Four 12AX7...

N-Audio Custom Shop Blue2you Pedalboard

This is my pedal board made by the best guitar tech in the business today. Please, feel free to check: http://n-audio.net/

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