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Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder as on camera microphone Review

In this video I reviews the Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder and specifically focus on its functionality to act as an on camera ...

Philips Voice Tracer

Digital voice recorder with 3 mic system and motion sensor.

Philips Recorder VoiceTracer Gold DVT8010 - Does not work!

Like a bad practical joke, this voice recorder appears to capture important interviews, concerts, and other unique moments you ...

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 5000 Recorder, 4GB

The innovative 3MIC Autozoom recording adapts the zoom level to the distance automatically. The relevant zoom settings are ...

Unboxing Philips VoiceTracker Audio recorder DVT2050

In this clip we will show you what's inside the box of Philips VoiceTracker Audio recorder DVT2050. Check our other clips where ...

Philips Voice Tracer Dictaphone DVT6110 unboxing

Philips Voice Tracer Dictaphone DVT6110 unboxing.

Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder 6010

This Philips 6010 Voice Tracer Audio Recorder is perfect for capturing audio from a distance, such as in meetings and lectures.

Philips DVT5000 Voicerecorder videoreview en unboxing (NL/BE)

Philips DVT5000 Voicerecorder aanschaffen? Ga naar: http://coolb.lu/127DwLD.

How to Record Great Sound for Youtube Videos | Phillips Voice Tracer

Rebecca brand shows how to use a voice tracer in various locations with Philips VoiceTracer DVT7110 click: ...

Philips Voice Tracer DVT-8000 digital meeting recorder

Record all your important meetings, lectures and conferences on this convenient note taker.

New digital recorder.

Vlog 0014. 19. September 2016. MarkoFinSwiss I need a new digital recorder. My old one ist kaputt or just bad quality. My ...

Philips DVT2510 - Audio/Voice Recorder (Unboxing & Basic Overview).

Unboxing and Basic Overview Note Taker. No Mic Jack. 2Mic stereo recording for outstanding audio quality The two built-in stereo ...

Philips DVT7500 Microphone Review

A real world review of the brand new Philips DVT7500 Stereo microphone compared with the Shure VP83F microphone. This is ...

Philips Voice Tracer 6500 vs iPhone6Plus

Test recording Philips Digital Voice Tracer 6500 music recording compared to iPhone6 Plus with Røde app recording. Both WAV ...

Philips Voice Tracer Audio Recorder 2510

This Philips 2510 Voice Tracer is perfect for keeping handy so you can record interviews, meetings, ideas and more on the go.

Philips VoiceTracer Recorder App: Philips Voice Recorder connect met je Smartphone via Hotspot.

Connect je Philips VoiceTracer recorder met je Smartphone via Hotspot. 1. Download de gratis Philips VoiceTracer recorder ...

DVT8000 Autozoom

Auto Zoom function, available on DVT6000, DVT8000, DVT6010 and DVT8010, offer automatic adjustment the microphones for a ...

New Philips VoiceTracer audio recorders - Exceptional Recording, shared instantly

Best-in-class recording quality for any kind of recording, now especially for the Instagram and Vlogging generation. The new ...

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